Piero Bortoli

I was born in 1965 in Venice, where I studied
History of Art at the Liceo Artistico Accademia and later trained with Emilio Vedova.

I use a wide variety of materials and techniques
to express decline and regeneration within urban culture.
By making use of recycled materials
I seek to make sense of the dynamic
process of change and transformation within
the environment.

Reflecting on my "Art therapy workshops" practice.

I have been working with adults with learning disabilities , mental health diagnoses and drug and alcohol addiction for many years, having previously taught art to children and adult with challenging behaviour.
My training includes
NVQ level in Health and Social Care as well as a foundation course in Art as a Therapy with BAAT (British Association of Art Therapists).

Through running freelance art therapy workshops I have given clients the opportunity to tell their story,
express themselves and their feelings, improve their
self esteem and find solutions to what have been, quite often, old problems.

Making images means alternating between being very involved with those images and standing back. This can help people begin to recognize and make sense of different feelings.
For people with learning disabilities with limited
communication skills, art workshops can provide an opportunity to express what may have previously been inexpressible.